Open Campaign does not affect Indonesia Election

Posted by devilito on Thursday, 9 April 2009

The last survey is not far from prediction before Campaign
Jakarta, Open campaign time that shown by "show of force" general meeting and Politic Parties ads at public media end yesterday, for three days on wards, people granted peace time for considering to choose the suit candidates. At April 9th 2009, Indonesian people shall choose their representative appointed on legislative in People Representative Council (DPR). Province DPRD, District DPRD, and Central DPRD, they also choose Region Representative Council.

I’ve ever read some Arabian joke. In Saudi Arabia, the parliament member was not chosen by people, but the prerequisite educational strata for admission is Doctoral. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the council chosen by people, quality is not important, the most important is money. You may just dream to be a legislative member if you don’t have money and power, although you’re a brilliant scholar.

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