Quick Count

Posted by devilito on Friday, 10 April 2009

quickcount Indonesia Tribune  The controversy of  "Quick Count" (QC) in Indonesia suspected have potential to fault by authoritative watcher such malformation in motivation, methodology, and appreciation

The suspicion statement said by the expert in statistic science from Bogor Farming Institute  (IPB) Prof Dr Ir Khairil Anwar Notodipuro, MS to Antara in Bogor, Friday, the statement issued respect to the latest news  about quick count from few of independence survey associations of Indonesia 2009 Legislative Election

He said that as a methodology, prediction or election results quick count has academic legitimated and scientific responsibility. Method and technique that used for quick count basic is very expert and could be reliable it’s results.
According that, he continue in country who have higher culture and science technology and their people have enough human resources and already knew what is statistic not only knew alphabetic, quick count used as trusted barometer  to predict the result of election.

Nevertheless, to apply it in Indonesia he see there are too many potent to create malformation, at least three fault of these: Motivation, Methodology, and Appreciation.

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