some fresh joke (intermezzo)

Posted by devilito on Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Girl: just go talk to her!
Boy: i CANT! I'm in love with her but she's not in love with me.
Girl: she will! You're amazing.
Boy: i am?
Girl: yess.. Go!
Boy: fine... I love you.
Girl: i love you too. Now go tell her!
Boy: i just did :)
Girl: ??????


another conversation:

y: How's going? How's your life?

x: Fine, thank you dear, I am spiritually reborn.. :)
and uhm,, in this occasion I'd say good buy to you
but get me wrong, that was not farewell speech, and it's not good bye anyway
I just want to say
#buy buy me some coffee? :D

y: That's why I love your comment... Its always make me smile :)
What can I say now: #buy buy me some chips please :D

negative, I am semi retired for almost 6 month
and i have a little advice 2 you dear,
have a nice sleep..

sleeping early, waking up early, will make you more happy [quotes]


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